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Step-by-step tutorials, videos and other resources specially designed for coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers.

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A support group where you can ask your questions 24/7. 

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Video conference calls where we help you overcome your technology challenges, and leverage your online presence in an easy and simple way.

Yes You Can

You love what you do.

You know that you are making a difference.

You know if you use social media, emails, webinars and other online stuff you can reach more people and make a bigger impact…

But how?

Tech Tips for Coaches is here to help you create a super simple online presence.

This membership site is designed to guide you every step of the way as you navigate the online world and market your services online with ease and enjoy!

Become a member and gain access to:

► A searchable database of step-by-step tutorials, videos and other resources specially designed for coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers.

► A support group in Facebook where you can ask your questions 24/7.

► Video conferencing calls where we share our screens to help you overcome your technology challenges.

Learn what you need. Have a big impactEnjoy the process!


Super Simples Business Planning

4X Your Business Success

Step 1

Work on your business in 12- week period and see how much more you can achieve.

Create Solid Business Systems

Step 1

Learn how to create process that you can repeat over and over again and get the results you want (i.e., more clients).

Work on the Right Projects

Step 3

Clarify the more important projects you should be focussing on to grow your business.

In less than one hour...

Step 4

You can create a roadmap for your business success in 60 minutes time.


"Tech Tip for Coaches is an incredible place where you can get all of your answers. However, Ana's work and her knowledge are far deeper than that. I am one of those people that buys all those programs, ASK Method and Stu McLaren's membership IO or Tribe. I love those programs, and I'm excited, and I get thrilled, and then I tried to implement, and I get stuck. Ana is one that I could turn to, and she will help me work through the nuances of all that. 

We have worked through all the nuances of putting my bones program together, my membership site, my checkout cart, my Black Friday specials. She has walked me through every single inch of my success. She's helped me with my blog, and she's helped me with optimizing my images. 

The list goes on and on. So if you're thinking about looking for somebody who can support your own tech Ana is your gal, and if you want the possibility of more Ana is absolutely your gal."

Irma Jennings

Bones Coach - Food For Healthy Bones  

"Hi, my name is Mary Liz Murphy. I'd like to take a minute to share with you why I love Tech Tips for Coaches with Ana Melikian, so you can explore it because maybe it'll be right for you.

Number one, you can go on YouTube and find plenty of resources, but what Ana offers is everything that you as a coach needs in one place. These resources are specifically designed for the kind of services and products that we offer as coaches.

Secondly, her competence and level of professionalism with keeping up to date with technology changes is unbelievable. She goes above and beyond what you would normally expect.

Thirdly, and very personally, sometimes I slip into self-doubt and struggle with learning so much of this stuff, and I lose patience, but Ana doesn't. She stays focused, she's on target. And she gives me the confidence and the encouragement and the enthusiasm to keep going.

So those are just a few of the reasons. Ana's level of organization, articulation, are all great assets, so I consider looking into it if I were you."

Mary Liz Murphy

Energy Healer and Wellness Coach

"Hi, I'm Monique Cassie. I'm a speaker and a trainer, and I'm also a gray-haired baby boomer. And so technology can really get the better of me.

I have a secret weapon, Ana's Tech Tips for Coaches.

She demystifies whatever is irking you. She's faster than anything I'll be able to do by looking on YouTube trying to find the solution myself.

Additionally, she has put together a group of people where we all support one another.

If you are someone who is trying to run your own business as a solopreneur, or even if you just have a small number of people and you want to do more of the things yourself but you're just intimidated by technology, Ana is your gal.

You need to check out Tech Tips for coaches with Ana Melikian."

Monique Caissie

Speaker, Human Behavior Consultant


"Ana has continuously helped me to keep improving my online presence with LinkedIn and she has and still is an inspiration as I keep growing my business. She has such a beautiful way to teach, clear messaging, great information that can be used right away and what I love the most is that she walks her talk! As a bit of a techy brainiac myself I can say her ways to teach her tech tips is bang on. Super simple, memorable and do-able right away."

Britta Heintzen

Coach & Consultant

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